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Haki na Ukweli Read more A Human rights organization in Africa.

Haki Na Ukweli.


Haki Na Ukweli is an Organization in East Africa dedicated to securing human rights all over the World, We Strengths activists to document, Expose human rights Abuses, Stop Police Brutality & Corruption in Kenya, Conduct community outreach, mobilization, advocate for legal, policy reform, provide legal & paralegal services.

Our Org Reg ID number : OP. 2018/051/18-079/11229

Our Programs.


Access to Justice

Access to justice, as defined by the United Nations Development Program and understood and accepted within the international human rights community, means that laws and remedies must be just, equitable, and sensitive to the needs of the poor and marginalized.

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Growth and Human Rights Education

When people understand their rights, they can become empowered to stand up for them. The goal of the Growth and Human Rights Education program is to educate Kenyan citizens on their rights.
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International Solidarity Campaigns

International Solidarity Campaigns bring issues affecting the society to the global stage through Amnesty International, garnering support from people everywhere.

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Environmental Abuse

We pursue to fight environmental, marine and wildlife abuse e.g. poaching and deforestation.

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