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About Us.

Haki na Ukweli is as Organization in East Africa dedicated to securing human rights all over the world. We strengthens activists to document and expose human rights abuses in Kenya, conduct community outreach and mobilization, advocate for legal and policy reform, and provide legal and paralegal services.

We started in July 2006 as small NGO organisation but due to Kenyan government suspending and deregistering many NGOs we were denied license to operate within Kenya after long years of battling to register our NGO Haki Na Ukweli we managed to register again in Jan-2018 and we got our certificate of registration from NGOs Co-ordination Board in Nairobi Kenya, including having our Haki Na Ukweli Facebook and Twitter account, Our Face book account is Haki Na Ukweli NGO, our Twitter account is @HakiNgo we want to reach to all African countries and expose all human rights violation, corruptions within the governments in African continent, to help to stop injustice & unfair system, fight poverty, encourage good governance, women & youth empowerment in African continent.

Our workshop areas: Kenya and rest of East Africa.

Our History

Haki na Ukweli (Justice and truth) was officially opened in July 2006 as a small non-governmental organization to pursue justice in Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is a just society for all built on the universal principles of human rights and guaranteed by access to justice.

Our Mission

We challenge injustice and amplify the voices of activists to promote, protect, and fulfill human rights. Hand in hand and side by side, we work with individuals and groups to:

  • At the community level, build knowledge, skill and advocacy expertise for those with the greatest vulnerability and need for parity of opportunity for all
  • Gain access to resources and decision making bodies
  • Become participants in democratic life through an on-going continuum of education, skill development and feeling of vested interest to create social change

Haki na Ukweli exists to:

  • Document and expose violations,
  • Conduct community education and mobilization,
  • Advocate for legal and policy reform,
  • Use the courts as well as traditional means of dispute resolution on behalf of disadvantaged populations, and
  • Engage the international community, including the United Nations and regional bodies in critical human rights issues
  • Shift power imbalances through access to justice.

Our Team

Mr. Isaac Mungere Kamau

Activist team

Human Rights Activist

Mr. Moses Ngoru Kamau

Activist team

Chairperson & Human Rights Activist Investigator

Mr. Isaac Omburu

Executive Director

Executive Director Human Rights Defender 

Mr. David Mwaura

Regional Manager

African Regional Manager Human Rights Defender